What if… your lover is your Guru? What if your lover, your friend, a person who has come to you in your life, is heaven sent? It’s all to easy to make your lover into a pet project — subtly suggesting that it would be better if they where somehow different the the way they are in this moment, telling yourself that you are going to be mature, and stick through it with them until they mature as well. Not knowing that you are creating a division, creating a hierarchy, and putting yourself in the seat of superiority.

What if instead, you consciously created a division, and put yourself at the bottom of it. Now — you are the student, you are the one who does not understand, you are the one who could grow a little bit, who could become more mature. And then, instead of unconsciously telling yourself the story that you are here to lift your lover up so that together you can stand on the equal ground of love… instead of that, you manufacture a different fiction, a conscious fiction. One that says that you understand that life is utterly intelligent and benevolent. One that says you know life is hunting you down and using any and all means necessary to reach you, that the spirit of life itself has come to you in the form of your lover to teach you perfect love, to show you that you are capable of perfect love.

What is perfect love? Perfect love always sees the problem in oneself. Perfect love is always being the student, your lover always being the teacher. Pure adoration, holding your lover up into the light, looking closely from every angle, and seeing nothing but flawlessness, nothing but endless worth in the sparkling gem of your lovers heart — this is perfect love. If you could change anything, you would change nothing. Always bowing, always in humility, always at the feet of your lover — this is pure love, this is true love, this is perfect love.

I have tried this experiment with my lover. Time and time again she tells me that I am a fool. That this story is simply untrue. She asks me to get up off my knees and look into her eyes. Her eyes tell me that the truth is that there is no division. Her eyes tell me that we are in fact one. Her smile tells of a silent knowing deep within. Her kiss tastes of perfect love. What if your lover is your Guru?